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Planning / Land Preservation - FAQs

Subdivision and Land Development (SALDO)

What are the submission requirements for a subdivision or land development application?

In order for the application to be placed on the following month's Planning Commission meeting agenda as an accepted plan, completed applications must be submitted to the Plumstead Township Municipal Office no later than 12:00 PM on the last Friday of the month.

If the application is submitted after this time, it will be accepted at the second Planning Commission meeting following submission. Applications are available at the Township municipal building or in our Forms & Documents section.

How should the application be submitted?

Applications must be hand-delivered to the Plumstead Municipal Office. No applications will be accepted by mail. Mailed applications, complete or incomplete, will be returned to the applicant. This also applies to revised plans and other revised application materials.

What documents are required with the application?

All bold-faced items listed on the Subdivision and Land Development application checklist (attached to the application) must be included in the submission or the application is considered incomplete. Incomplete applications will not be accepted under any circumstances.

In addition, all new applications must be accompanied by an executed professional services agreement along with all required fees and escrow. The Plumstead Township Fee Schedule is available by clicking here or at the Township municipal building.

What are review time frames?

Applications will be reviewed at the second Planning Commission meeting following submission. Therefore, if an application is submitted on the last Friday in September, it will be accepted for review by the Planning Commission in October and reviewed in November.

All applications must be reviewed by the Township within 90 days of the first Planning Commission meeting following submission. If the first scheduled meeting following submission is cancelled, then the application must be reviewed within 120 days of submission.

Resubmissions will be accepted on a rolling basis and will be placed on the next possible Planning Commission meeting agenda. The next possible Planning Commission meeting may not be the next Planning Commission meeting due to a full agenda or insufficient review time.

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