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Zoning & Code Enforcement - FAQs

Can work start on a permit before it is issued?

No. A permit must be issued and paid for prior to beginning work. Permits applied for after commencement of construction shall be three times the regular fee, plus any additional penalties prescribed by Township Ordinance.

Is a permit required for roofing, windows, siding?

Roofing permits are required, but only when replacing more than 25% of roof shingles. No permit is needed for siding. Permits for windows are only required when the size of the windows changes.

Is a permit required for a shed?

Yes. Sheds less than 121 sq ft must have a (10) inch clean stone bed with positive mechanical anchors on each corner. A plot plan showing location of structure and dimensions from property line are required. Detached accessory buildings or structures may occupy a required side or rear yard, but shall not be located closer than ten (10) feet to any side or rear property line. (more info)

Is a permit needed for a fence? And where can a fence be located on your property?

Yes. See overview of fencing requirements

Is a permit required for a patio?

Yes. A site plan is required showing all structures and setbacks. Impervious surface calculations must be provided.

What is required for an in-ground pool?

A permit can be picked up at the township office. A surveyed site diagram is required. A swimming pool and appurtenant equipment maybe located within a minimum side or rear yard setback but shall not be located closer than 10 feet from the water's edge to the side and rear property lines. In-ground swimming pools must be completely enclosed with a minimum 4 ft high fence with a self closing gate. Applicable electrical requirements also apply.

What is required for an above ground pool?

The requirements for an in-ground pool also apply to above ground pools. Including a Zoning Permit, a fence around the pool yard shall be provided in accordance with the Township's Building Code.

How many horses are permitted on my property?

Animal density shall not exceed two (2) Animal Equivalent Units per acre. An animal equivalent unit (AEU) is equal to one thousand pounds of live weight of livestock or poultry, regardless of the actual numbers of animals.

How much will my permit cost?

Please see our Fee Schedule.

Is a certificate of occupancy required for a resale of a home or lease?

No certificate of occupancy is required for the resale of a home. However, if the property is a rental then permits are required. A tenant/lessee application for the registration of tenants as well as a moving permit is required. The landlord is responsible for obtaining these applications, paying the fee and setting up an inspection.

Does Plumstead Township require deed registration?


Does Plumstead Township require tenant registration for residential properties?

Yes. Landlords are required to register their tenants annual in July. This is required even if there is not a change in tenants. If there is a change in tenants during the year a new tenant registration is required within 15 days of arrival. The township also requires the landlord to submit a moving permit application. This requires an inspection of the rental property to obtain a certificate of occupancy. Tenant registration and moving permits are required when ever there is a change in tenants.

How do I know what zoning district my property is in?

Direct questions to the Zoning Officer. Each zoning district is shown on the township Zoning Map. Within the zoning ordinance there is a schedule of permitted uses and restrictions that goes with each zoning district. Information as to setbacks, lot size etc is also included.

The township consists of the following zoning districts.

  • RP - Resource Protection District
  • R0 - Rural Residential District
  • R-1 - Rural Residential District
  • R-2 - Rural Residential District
  • R-3 - Rural Residential District
  • R-4 - Residential District
  • R-5 - Rural Residential District
  • MHP - Mobile Home Park District
  • VR - Village Residential District
  • VC - Village Commercial District
  • C-1 - Neighborhood Commercial District
  • C-2 - Highway Commercial District
  • C-3 - Planned Commercial District
  • LI - Light Industrial District
  • Q - Quarry

Are there limits on the number of pets for a household?

Yes. No more than six domestic pets, including dogs or cats, may be kept for private purposes except as a Kennel-Commerical. No numerical restriction shall apply to cats and dogs of less than 3 months of age. The area in which dogs are kept shall be suitably enclosed if the dogs are not chained. This area shall not be within the required front or side yards and shall be located at least 20 feet from any adjacent dwelling.

How do I apply for a Zoning Hearing Board application?

A new application will be scheduled on the third Wednesday of the following month. The first hearing should commence within 60 days from the date the application is filed. This will also provide the Board time to meet the public notice and advertising requirements. There is no guarantee that your hearing will be heard on the date of the next scheduled meeting of the ZHB because there is a possibility of case overload; the unexpected absences of members, or bad weather conditions.

When should I expect my decision on my application to the ZHB?

The ZHB shall render a written decision or when no decision is called for; make written findings on the application within 45 day after the last hearing. The final decision shall be delivered to the applicant personally or mailed to him not later than the day following its date.

Do Contractors need to register with the Township?

The Township no longer requires contractors to register with the Township. The Township however does require the Contractors PA License and expiration date (for residential permits only) and your current insurance certificate, with the Township as the certificate holder (General Contractors Only). This information is needed before we can begin to process your permit application.

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